Antenatal Care


Complimentary Consultations

As part of your pregnancy care with Dr. Lai Fon-Min, you will also have 4 additional complimentary consultations under the following:

1. Financial Counselling with the clinic staff

This 20 minute Financial Counselling session will take place before or after your first consultation with Dr. Lai. If you are an existing patient and have not had this session, this will take place before or after one of your consultations with Dr. Lai.

2. Women’s Wellness with Dr Carolyn Loh

This is a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Loh focusing on your nutritional and physical wellness during your pregnancy, as well as your postpartum health.

Antenatal Care with Doula Ginny Phang

This is a 30 minute Meet & Greet session with Doula Ginny Phang to find out about your birth options in Singapore as well as your prenatal birth preparation.

Postpartum Care with Doula Ginny Phang

Patients who have delivered with Dr. Lai are entitled to a complimentary 30 minute postnatal session at the clinic within 6 weeks of their delivery date.

3. Meet and Greet

A Company for Women’s patients are entitled to a complimentary 30 minute “Meet & Greet” session with Doula Ginny Phang to find out more about your birth options in Singapore and your prenatal birth preparation.

4. Complimentary Postnatal Session

Patients who have delivered with Dr. Lai are entitled to a complimentary 30 minute postnatal session at the clinic within 6 weeks from the time they have given birth.

Phone Call

Can’t make it for an appointment and would like to speak to Doula Ginny Phang over the phone instead? Phone Call is a 15min phone appointment set aside for you to have a chat with Ginny.

Open Clinic

Need a short consultation prenatally to discuss your birth options or postnatally to check on breastfeeding, baby’s well-being and baby’s weight, and your emotional well-being?

$95 – 1/2 hour $145 – 1 hour
$195 – 1.5 hours $235 – 2 hours

Every subsequent 30 minutes after 2 hours is $50.

Private Consultations 

We offer various types of private consultations customized based on your needs: private antenatal classes, specialized sessions for breech, twins, high-risk pregnancies, and vaginal-birth-after-cesarean (Vbac/ Vba2c). One session is 2 hours and follows the costs.

$235 – 2 hours

Every subsequent 30 minutes after 2 hours is $50.

Ginny Phang

About Ginny

Ginny Phang is an approved DONA Birth, Postpartum Doula Trainer and a Spinning Babies Trainer. The following services – Open Clinic, Private Consultations and Belly Mapping & Painting – are serviced by Ginny personally. You can read more about Ginny here.

Dr Carolyn Loh

About Carolyn

Dr Carolyn Loh is a General Practitioner with over 20 years experience running her own General Practice. She enjoys regular Pilates workouts and has a personal interest in Women’s Wellness. In her Medical Practice, she believes in educating and empowering her patients in taking control of their own health and wellness.

Married to Dr Lai Fon-Min, they have 2 adult sons. They share the same philosophy in empowering women and offering real choices. Together, they offer the option of the Antenatal Shared Care Package.

Antenatal Shared Care

Antenatal Shared Care is designed for women with LOW RISK pregnancies where your Obstetrician is in-charge of your overall care, and you will see the General Practitioner for your antenatal care in-between your scheduled appointments with your Obstetrician.

  • Obstetrician Visits: First Consultation (for the current pregnancy) and 12, 20, 32, 36, 37, 39 and 40 weeks and after.
  • General Practitioner Visits: 16, 24, 28, 34 and 38 weeks.
  • Should there be an increase in risk at any point during the pregnancy, you will need to switch from the Shared Care Package to the Obstetrician Antenatal Package.

Belly mapping and painting

Belly Mapping is a three-step process for parents to learn how to identify baby’s position in the final months of pregnancy.

Together with Belly Painting, this session allows parents to connect and bond with their unborn baby in a unique and tangible way.

A session is 90 minutes in length.

Four Trimesters Antenatal Group Classes

Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes enable parents to have an easy, short, relaxed and comfortable birth, gently welcoming their baby into the world.  In this class, you will learn powerful HypnoBirthing techniques for relaxation and for preparing the muscles in the body for birth.  You will feel empowered to create a positive mindset for the pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting. The class also teaches you Spinning Babies techniques to work with your body by understanding the functions of your hormones and by utilizing relaxation tools and techniques that work with your body.
At Four Trimesters, we teach you how to labor smart and not labor hard.  Whether you choose to have a drug-free birth, a birth with drugs, or a cesarean – our antenatal classes make the process so much easier.

You can find out more here.

Four Trimesters Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

The word Doula comes from the Greek meaning “in service”. A Doula is a trained Professional Labor Assistant who understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman in labor, and provides continuous support and care for the parents prenatally, throughout labor and birth and early postpartum.

The birth doula is the modern day link in the tradition of women helping women in birth. They enhance the birth experience through information, empathy, and physical assistance. Parents that have used doulas say they are an invaluable part of the birth team.

Women supported by a doula during labor have been shown to have:

  • 50% reduction of cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Source: Mothering the Mother: How a Doula can help you have a shorter, easier and healthier birth by Marshall H. Klaus (Perseus Press, 1993).

The Four Trimesters team of Doulas work seamlessly with Dr. Lai, especially for a homebirth. You get the benefits of the expertise of the team as a whole – Doula care, Chiropractic, Birth Photography – as well as a whole array of services and events to nurture the continuum of your journey from conception to parenting.

You can find out more here.

A Doula believes in “mothering the mother” – enabling a woman to have a much more satisfying, positive and empowered time before, during and after birth, and thus allowing a baby to have a better start in life

Retail @ Company for Women

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We have the Babycare TENS machine for rental. Please enquire at the counter on rental fees and availability.

Library @ Company for Women

We have a growing selection of books in our library. As patients of A Company For Women, you are welcome to loan these books for a period of a month (31 days). Please approach our staff for borrowing and returning of books.
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