Adeline & Adeline Nazare-Aga | Artheline

Arnaud & Adeline Nazare-Aga’s inspired mission is to bring more joy to the public with their brightly-colored, round-shaped sculptures that everyone can relate to.

Born in 1965 in Paris, Arnaud Nazare-Aga developed since childhood a passion for modern sculpture and architecture, visiting museums with his parents. A trained plasterer-molder, educated in a Buddhist community in Burgundy where he remained 13 years. Arnaud designed many carved decorations of the largest Buddhist temple in the West, the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas near Autun (France).

Adeline, was born in the the northern Philippines in 1971. Passionate about floral art, she served as a florist in Paris and Antibes (France), before settling in Bangkok with her husband, where they set-up the workshop PAJ’Art. A self-trained artist with a passion for color and graphics. Adeline designs and draws on the final sculptures and also on the models shaped for experimentation by Arnaud, always seeking to reinvent, experiment, and perfect his careful process.

The fruit of Adeline and Arnaud’s collaboration bear the Artheline signature. The forms are infused with gentle roundness and sensual lines. The smooth, colorful works purposefully provide joy, pleasure, amusement, cheerfulness and optimism to all who look at and touch them.

Artheline works can be found in collectors’ homes the word over. It is also proudly displayed as public art, indoor and outdoor, in condos and hotels.